NOTE: these standalone templates are automatically generated and miss some features. We recommend you to log-in and manage UCD and usability techniques online through projects to get the full power of UCDmanager.

Abstract use case
An essential or abstract use case is a simplified, abstract, generalized use case that captures the intentions of a user in a technology and implementation independent manner.
Final user
User of the system being developed or evaluated. He/she may be a real or a representative one.
Detected/generated during the execution of an evaluation technique
A persona is a fictional person who represents a major user group for your site.
Project item
Project element to be designed / evaluated: page, screen, prototype, etc.
Usability-test task
Definition of a task to be performed during a usability user test.
Usability-test task execution
Execution of a task by a user during a usability-test.
User role
Single kind of relationship between a user and a system.